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About me

The image of yoga we have in the west often obscures the real depth and beauty of this practice.  The purpose of this web-site is  to share yoga as taught in the classical Indian texts in an accessible but not watered down way.

I am also a Kundalini Yoga teacher.   I believe the practice of Kundalini Yoga can bring about not only personal change, but can also change the world.  Kundalini yoga is all about personal transformation and I know it works. Immediately after I began a Kundalini Yoga practice, I started to experience changes that at first startled and even frightened me.  I began to read everything I could to give context to the experiences I was having.  This process unearthed for me a blueprint for living and a philosophy that was both profound and practical. 


I completed Kundalini Yoga teacher training in 2013.  I have taught in community support programs for adults with mental illness, chemical dependency facilities, centers for people facing health crises, and church basements.  I have studied yoga in the Twin Cities, Northern California, and India.  I am a student of Advaita Vedanta and a devotee of Ramana Maharshi.  

I would like to thank my lovely and talented friend, Brian McGinnis for creating my avatar.  Check out his Facebook page!  He's an amazing illustrator!

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