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Upcoming Classes!

Kundalini Yoga Series on the Chakras This Summer!

From Wednesday June 7 - July 26, I will be offering an eight-week series on the chakras.  Each week we will be discussing a different chakra and doing a yoga set and meditation specifically for that chakra.  I will also be using Caroine Myss' groundbreaking book , Anatomy of the Spirt.  

For the next several months, I will be dedicating my newsletter to the chakras. Please go to my subscription page if you would like to subscribe!

Ongoing: Every other Saturday morning at Pathways

Pathways is a great organization that supports people facing a health crisis as well as their caregivers.  You don't have to fit this category to come to Pathways, but preference is given to those who do. If you would like to attend groups or classes at Pathways, check it out!  It's absolutely free!  You just need to attend an orientation.  I teach yoga here every other Saturday morning.  Swing on by!

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